Feng Shui Sacred Activism: Open Hearted Healing of Self Automatically Heals Others, the Planet…


face12678It is so true that day to day life is quite overwhelming—even the good times.  There is hardly energy for much more than finding the moment’s graces and humors, paying bills, processing that argument you had with your sister and also simultaneously composing in your mind what you are fixing your kids for dinner AND how you can let them out in this world, walking empowered, confident and bursting with love…every single day.

Enter Feng Shui.  There is a way to establish flow for every room of the home and office.  With this very powerful method, you can do things, for instance, in the bedroom and amazingly, like magic, these intentional Feng Shui actions will improve your love life.  Whether that is to add spark to a home ‘love’ fire with a mate that has simmered for years or whether it is to bring Don Juan or Juanita to your doorstep and ultimately your bed—there are things you can do to get the sizzle!

(Now I have your attention).

Tell me this:  when you are passionate in love, is not the world a better place? Easier? And even a little bit more optimistically hopeful?

World Peace—one heart at a time.

World Peace—one dwelling at a time.

Feng Shui  can improve your love, health, career/finances, sense of community, relationship to your children as well as your pets, abundance, spiritual evolution, athletics, goals and the list goes on.  Feng Shui shifts in your home/office also contribute to the authentic release, healing and relief of fear, anxiety, grief, addictions, violence to self and other, hopelessness, trauma, as well as both acute and chronic illnesses.

In this way, with time and dedication, one can systematically recover and advance all aspects of her/his life by creating a Feng Shui Blueprint of Success home and office to live and work in. Following the laws of Intentional Feng Shui can give you super-human powers, both in rejuvenation of self and love ones but also with the Awakening of your Heart Of Compassion.  The more empowered your become in creating your life, the more Sacred BTU Energy you possess.  You live and work inside a Feng Shui Force-Field of Balance and it shows—in the way you and your loved ones look, feel, act, react, process, evolute, love and heal others.

Now enter Feng Shui 2.0

At this phase, Feng Shui becomes a Sacred Activism¹ and what you do in your heart and home ricochets out to humanity, the Ocean, the planet and the universe.  Minuscule, tiny, tiny shifts felt boom! in your heart/dwelling all the way out: 9 million light years away.  Einstein proved it. Quantum Entanglement Theory. Your dwelling as well as the hearts beating in it, become a beacon of balance felt all the way to deep space.

It was in a very strong Feng Shui Force-Field of Balance (easily created with my how-to manuals:  Quantum Feng Shui and Feng Shui For The Rest Of Us) which uncovered the most amazing Feng Shui Spiritual Practice and Sacred Activism: The Intentional Candle Ceremony. Far from hailing from Feng Shui’s 3000 year old history of wisdom, The Intentional Candle Ceremony seems to be a gift from the future—as its Flames often carry keys which unlock miracle resolve, a Divine Coping Mechanism, to assist living into thriving on the planet earth at this time.  The ceremonies often create immediate relief in both the healer and the healed and when these Flames are practiced, safely on Burn Stations within the Feng Shui Force-Field of Balance—raise your expectations.

Expect miracles and the shift from fear to love.


And here is an important note:  whether you practice the laws of Feng Shui or not, The Intentional Candle Ceremony can be practiced with great, above average results, for all health of mind, body, soul, spirit and karmic wellness.  The Ocean Healing Flame is quite effective in sending health and love to the ocean and all of its lifeforms either way. Healing Flames, Chant Protection Flames, Goal Flames as well as a host of other Flames sent to self, people and places, work great no matter what! Karma Release Flames™ will astound you at how well they assist to honestly resolve ‘now conflicts’ regardless if you choose to practice this Sacred Activism inside a Feng Shui Force-Field of Balance or not.

However, results are far superior, bordering on guaranteed spectacular—when you follow certain simple laws of Intentional Feng Shui and create this balanced environment for yourself. This is, after all, a Feng Shui Spiritual Practice, a Sacred Activism.

What is nice is that an Intentional Candle Ceremony Practice will help to create the perfect Feng Shui Force-Field of Balance and vice versa—the Feng Shui environment produces strong, accurate, and extremely effective Flames for the self, other, the ocean, the planet and the universe. Flames that are far more enhanced and potent.

Practitioners of The Intentional Candle Ceremony soon find out.  When healing is sent to the macrocosm world (for example–an Ocean Healing Flame is sent to the Ocean and its life-forms, which covers the majority of planet), all aspects of the microcosm world (your life) get way better.  Need more money, love, health, time?  Send a Flame to yourself (Healer Heal Thyself Principle) and then send another to the suffering, those in need and wherever you are led.  The act of Flame programming is simple and empowering.

You will see.  Your basket fills, not empties.

How can this be?  Because Sacred Activism for self, others, the planet and the universe is extremely good Feng Shui!

Try it for yourself.  May you and your loved ones heal deeply as well as becoming a part of a healing solution for the earth! Good Feng Shui feels really good too. If that ain’t a sign, I don’t know what is.


Always follow safe burning practices.  Never leave a Flame unattended.

¹Gratitude to Reverend Deborah L. Johnson of Inner Light Ministries in Soquel, California for my first introduction to the term and the meaning behind: Sacred Activism

Honor also to the artist, Chantelle Renee, for her amazing social scientific visual nutshell of the 100th Monkey Theory.  I own no rights, just the complete awe of it.

© 2016 by Gabrielle Alizay.  All rights reserved.
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The Productive Use of Feng Shui Healing Flames towards Nepal’s People and Land (and Anywhere Else There is a Need).



The concept of personal and planetary peace is great.  But what about when a major traumatic event/natural emergency happens?

Like the Nepal earthquake. I just watched the images on TV.  Looked at the pictures on Google Facebook Twitter smart phone everywhere.

Then cried. Deer-in-headlights frozen. I felt helpless.


But then I remembered the miraculous Feng Shui Sacred Practice:  The Intentional Candle Ceremony. I programmed my first long form Mega-Healing Flame to the area.  I sent my biological love-fare to positive affect and soothe the people animals and land. The injured, the grieving, the lost forgotten,  frightened and the hopeless.  I alchemized the subatomic building blocks of universal mass, Chi God Particles (CGP_9) and directed them very accurately, very scientifically to the area(s) in the map above where the star and the surrounding areas exist.

Use this Nepal tragedy example in this article to teach the many different Sacred Activism Healing Flames that you can direct, honestly making a difference, both in how you feel about the situation as well as the positive effect of, if nothing else—of the ‘vibe” of Love and Peace added to the chaos.

And I am no longer frozen.  Focused is the word.  I remembered: Peace is NOT about the concept of life being perfect, without problems or strife.  Peace is about finding the calm center in any situation.  And if it is not in the micro or macro environment that you are currently in—to integrate peace into that picture and to even ask other Sacred Activists to help you, when necessary, to restore the ‘peace’.

While not at all immediate, with commitment to the practice of Chi God Particle alchemy, positive change is guaranteed. Quickly! And with plenty of Earth Works at the same time happening—a semblance of normalcy, optimism and hope shall be restored.


Here is a simple short form of a Healing Flame that you can use with great results to send to people, places and things. Of course, I recommend a Healing Flame sent on a regular basis to Nepal—both short and long form at different times (as well as separate ones programmed for whatever your particular people, animal, social, ecological, and political areas of interest might be–wherever positive transformation is needed).


In this example, I program a Short Form Healing Flame to Nepal.  Use this example to embolden you to try your own!

Short Form Healing Flame Template

 1. Light candle(s) (non-toxic is best)

2. Visualize/Imagine/Anchor Chi God Particles (CGP_9)’s into Flame:

See the Sacred Color that instantly easily comes

when you imagine mind/body/soul/spirit/karmic health and balance

for the children women men animals homes businesses

water food shelter warmth needs met

land and building chaos soothed

Optimism hope belief in good now present.

Imagine that healing Sacred Color now, filled with all those good intentions and prayers.


Imagine you and your Sacred Color float above the planet, in the atmosphere.

You can easily direct and focus your Sacred Color

In and around the star area of the map above.

Saturate your Sacred Color, which is also full of

programmed building blocks of universal mass (CGP_9) for Highest Good everything to occur,

all over the lands, filling every molecule of atmosphere and every cell in every Being–

Your Sacred Color infiltrates everywhere.

3. State/affirm out loud, while focusing on the Flame:

“Now multidimensional health, optimism, good luck, abundance and peace

For all people, places and things in and around Nepal!

I (state name) am fully Highest Good protected now.

Miracles now.

Highest Good now.”

Let this Flame burn for 30 minutes all the way to a vigil multi-hour Flame of Focused Love.

If you found yourself interested in the way this Flame made you feel, it is highly recommended that you educate yourself further in The Intentional Candle Ceremony.  The long form Scientific versions of these Healing Flames can be found in detail in Primary Daily Flames.

Always follow safe burning practices.  Never leave a flame unattended.

Example notes of where to send your Healing Flame good vibes:

  • Earthquake relief for people, animals, homes, businesses, healing mastery, abundance, money surplus for Mexico, Japan
  • Paris terrorist attack (to everyone and everything involved)
  • Social injustices (according to you)(sending love and peace cannot hurt)
  • Military and political polarities: soothe the strong, extreme ideas, send healing to the politicians/leaders/troops, whether you agree with them or not.  Watch what good vibes coming their way does for their thinking and balance.
  • Fill in the (blank) with your own Sacred Activism.



© 2015 by Gabrielle Alizay.  All rights reserved.
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Primary Daily Flames (Paperback)

Buy Now


The Evolution Solution Primary Daily Flames

Learn Feng Shui 2.0: The Intentional Candle Ceremony

The Flame Laser Beams:  A Game Changer.

Learn to become an expert at Scientific Mysticism, the blending of spirituality and science into an energetic alloy which produce mind-blowing outcomes. Become a Practitioner of Feng Shui’s Intentional Candle Ceremony, those who harness, alchemize and activate intentionally-charged Chi God Particles (CGP_9), the sub-atomic building blocks of universal mass, directing them into The Time/Space Continuum Stream and back again to integrate miracle manifestations in the personal and planetary day-to-day.

Keep your beliefs and customs then simply add these easy, astounding Flame laser beams to your ordinary existence.  Next open your mind. This Practice will train you; life ceases to be normal.  Get ready for over-the-top fantastic.

Be enriched forever after sending The Ocean Healing Flame.  Observe how you feel when you purify and shelter your dwelling and those around you with a Fierce Mother Kali Durge Chant Protection Flame. See how you stand up straighter when a loved one, pet or even an ecological area has a remarkable, positive response to Healing Flames.  Get to know the entire Practice. Set-up, explanations as well as 10 Flame laser beam treatments are straightforwardly presented in this book.

This Practice automatically initiates you: now a Sacred Activist.  No electricity necessary; only safe burning procedures. Don’t change a thing. Just start the Practice.  Personal, planetary and universal peace is assured.  Watch.  Here’s a match.


 “This book is critical.  It has soothed me into support and reassurance about the future. I felt safe as I read it because it covers every base, cosmic and otherwise.”

                                                                                                                     Ford M., California


“After my Burn Spread was done, I felt so much clarity and so much health—I just wanted to run out onto my balcony and scream to the world, “Oh Yes!!”

Astrid I., New York


“At first I was annoyed that someone would be calling me during my Flame ceremony but I decided to answer it. The call was the one that I was waiting for—the one which showed me that my intentions, my mantra, my 5 minutes were already manifesting!  I am learning to become a magician. Magic is everywhere.”

                                                                                                               Natalie C., California





© 2014 by GA.  All Rights reserved.


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Intentional Candle Ceremony’s Super Sonic Secret: Life is a dream. Make it a good one.



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Sacred Activism Rx for Post-Presidential Election…Recovery for self and other….



1.  Drink purified water.

2. Send an Ocean Healing Flame x 2 days.   See and feel that the Ocean, an Innate Intelligence, wraps you in a ‘Web of Nurturing.’  You are healed quickly and easily. The Ocean and its life-forms are forever grateful for your Healing Flames and will shower you with sweet manna forevermore.

3.  Send a Self-Healing Flame x 2 days.  It is self explanatory.  This flame becomes like training wheels, holding us up to be our best at all times, hard-wiring us to be healthy and to embrace our greatness.

4.  Continue Sacred Activism by sending Hurricane Rx in its entirity, specifically the evolutionary action of deeply helping others, The Sacred Activism Practice of random acts of kindness to others.

Mega-Flames are Dharma Burns and you will soon see—the more your send healing to yourself and other–the more you find that you morph into a new kind of human–the kind kind.

5. Smile alot.




Ocean Healing Flame © 2012 by GA


The Self Healing Flame copyright 2012 by GA


Note:  Always follow safe burn practices.  Program all flames on safe burning stations. Never leave a Flame unattended.



© 2012 by Gabrielle alizay.  All rights reserved.

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