Quantum Feng Shui: Activate a Feng Shui Force Field of Balance!

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Quantum Feng Shui

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Learn Feng Shui’s Most Sacred Practice: The Intentional Candle Ceremony

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The Evolution Solution Primary Daily Flames

Flame Laser Beams:  A Game Changer.

Learn to become an expert at Scientific Mysticism, the blending of spirituality and science into an energetic alloy which produce mind-blowing outcomes. Become a Practitioner of The Intentional Candle Ceremony, those who harness, alchemize and activate intentionally-charged Chi God Particles (CGP_9), the sub-atomic building blocks of universal mass, directing them into The Time/Space Continuum Stream and back again to integrate miracle manifestations in the personal and planetary day-to-day.

Keep your beliefs and customs then simply add these easy, astounding Flame laser beams to your ordinary existence.  Next open your mind. This Practice will train you; life ceases to be normal.  Get ready for over-the-top fantastic.

Be enriched forever after sending The Ocean Healing Flame.  Observe how you feel when you purify and shelter your dwelling and those around you with a Fierce Mother Kali Durge Chant Protection Flame. See how you stand up straighter when a loved one, pet or even an ecological area has a remarkable, positive response to Healing Flames.  Get to know the entire Practice. Set-up, explanations as well as 10 Flame laser beam treatments are straightforwardly presented in this book.

This Practice automatically initiates you: now a Sacred Activist.  No electricity necessary; only safe burning procedures. Don’t change a thing. Just start the Practice.  Personal, planetary and universal peace is assured.  Watch.  Here’s a match.


 “This book is critical.  It has soothed me into support and reassurance about the future. I felt safe as I read it because it covers every base, cosmic and otherwise.”

                                                                                                                     Ford M., California


“After my Burn Spread was done, I felt so much clarity and so much health—I just wanted to run out onto my balcony and scream to the world, “Oh Yes!!”

Astrid I., New York


“At first I was annoyed that someone would be calling me during my Flame ceremony but I decided to answer it. The call was the one that I was waiting for—the one which showed me that my intentions, my mantra, my 5 minutes were already manifesting!  I am learning to become a magician. Magic is everywhere.”

                                                                                                               Natalie C., California





© 2014 by GA.  All Rights reserved.


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Gabrielle Alizay’s DailyOm.com on-line revolving class: Thriving with Quantum Feng Shui

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An 11 week, revolving on-line multi-media Scientific Mystic Sacred Activist porn cartoon Training: Quantum Feng Shui™ enhances your existence with the conscious use of the in-out current of manifestation, combining the ancient philosophies of Intentional Feng Shui with the infinite possibilities of Quantum Physics with the Highest Good outcomes of your particular God-source, Innate Intelligence, Higher Power to integrate a potent 9 Quantum Feng Shui™ Accomplishments into your home and office to promote personal and planetary well-being.


The Remarkable Experiment:

The powerful combination of Feng Shui Wisdom passed down from the ages, blended with God and Science, as well as the deliberate training and use of the in-out current of manifestation, successfully activates Sweet Restoration of the person, family, home and planet.


TOPICS COVERED (you are alerted in your inbox for 11 weeks in a row as Lessons are ready to access—go as fast as weekly or stroll at your own pace):

• Preparations to succeed in peace.

• Learn the first secret to hentai videos any manifestation for yourself and the planet—The World Peace Intentional Cure which invites the universal mass building blocks (CGP_9), magnetized by your intentional visualizations and affirmation, to your door every day. Learn also to send The Ocean Healing Flame daily which further increases Chi God Particle flow and dream manifestation.

• Learn the powerful Quantum Feng Shui™ protection and nurturing cures plus all the why, how and rituals included to make your Mouth of Chi ‘giggle the goods’ many times a day.

• Learn how to Quantum Feng Shui™ fix any ‘draining’ thing in your microcosm dwelling—and how this deliberate act of plugging the symbolic leaks instantly blesses you with a garden harvest of mass universal building blocks—Chi God Particles (CGP_9).

• Learn young gay porn the principles of the Quantum Feng gay sex Shui™ Symbol of Love, the mattress, plus all the why, how, and rituals to make it shimmer—for you and the planet.

• Learn the principles of the Quantum Feng Shui™ Symbol of Prosperity, the stove, plus all the why, how and rituals to make the signals you broadcast to self and other completely align with the actual appearance of abundance.

• Learn the principles of clutter in Quantum Feng Shui™—how to diagnose it, what to do with it, rituals to assist in the process of clutter-clearing, as well as tips on collecting the many automatic benefits of clutter-clearing.

• Learn the principles of the Quantum Feng nude celebrities Shui™ Power Pictures, Power Spaces, and Power Walls plus all the why, how, and rituals to make your subconscious visionary mind porn cartoon work miracles.

• Learn the principles of the Quantum Feng Shui™ Red Sheet Intentional Cure plus all the why, how, and rituals to make you the prophet of dreams realized.

• Learn the principles of the Quantum Feng Shui™ television cure plus all the why, how, and rituals to balance inner with outer communication—a super easy frequency enhancement to benefit the home, office, and planet.

• Putting it all together with more good stuff.


There is also an On-line Discussion Board for the participants, instantly creating an international community of Sacred Activists sharing, supporting, and problem-solving for the sake and health of ourselves, our loved ones, our communities, our world, and the planet.


© 2013 by Gabrielle Alizay.  All rights reserved.
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Intentional Candle Ceremony’s Super Sonic Secret: Life is a dream. Make it a good one.



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How To Program a Mega Healing Flame…Sacred Activism Rx for Disasters as well as Social, Political, and Environmental Imbalances.



What the video did not say (because I didn’t refer to notes):


  • The principle of The Intentional Candle Ceremony’s Super-Power Sacred Activism is:  harnessing and activating intentionally-charged Chi God Particles (CGP_9) and directing them into time/space continuum.


  • Chi God Particles (CGP_9):  Subatomic building blocks responsible for mass in the known and unknown universe.  Chi God Particles (CGP_9) are incredibly magnetized to intentional visualizations and affirmations. It is easy to alchemize these mass building blocks into the best-case-scenario for anything—personal or planetary.


  • The Premise of Quantum PhysicsThe Universe awaits in suspended animation, open to all possibilities.  A simple observation has been noted to change a light particle from a single point into a wave (See Double Slit Experiment).


  • Time/Space Continuum: Understand that TIME, broken up in segments, and SPACE, which exists as a particular point in a single location is a construct of our 3-D world of form earth plane. While such constructs lead to an organization and function on the earth plane, the limitations consequently initiated compromise anyone’s ability to manifest actual real-life results. Access and opportunities in time/space continuum change all that. What is not possible, or as of yet undiscovered, finds Eureka! over and over again. Real world results are instant to almost instant all the way to manifesting change on the earth plane between 1-3 weeks.


  • Adding your particular God-source, Innate Intelligence, Higher Power (in the last part of the Affirmation: ‘This or something better for the Highest Good now occurs) is the Power-House ingredient that activates the intentionally-charged Chi God Particles (CGP_9) to manifest actual real-life results—the absolute gay porn videos argument for the use of  the combination of spirituality and science to bring earth plane manifestation of solutions to everything personal and planetary.


  • As a Practitioner of the Intentional Candle Ceremony,  you take this palette of open possibilities and suggest another way, another reality, one that is always in alignment with your particular God-source, Innate Intelligence, Higher Power and using the laser beam power of the non-toxic flame, you direct the best-case-scenarios for personal, planetary and universal restoration out into the Quantum Field of Possibilities. This exacts real world Sacred Activism results.


  • Because the Practitioner is using the candle flame as a medium, the precision of the non-toxic flame as both a holder of your visualizations and affirmations as well as the carrier of these intentions into the amplified existence of the quantum time/space continuum is without doubt the most accurate laser beam.


  • However, please know that in times of emergency and hardship,  ANY PROGRAMMED CANDLE FLAME will exact amazing real earth buy cialis world results.


  • Whenever a Mega-Flame is programmed by a group of people–from 3 to (infinite)–what is then created is a SUPER MEGA-FLAME.  This is a fantastic way for people to come together for the good of ACTUAL CHANGE. Intentional visualizations and affirmations can be directed into a 5 tea-light Mega-Flame whether in person or virtually–by phone, Skype, and live stream—all are equally effective.


  • Open to all  scientific and spiritual inquiry.  Light a candle.  Do the visualizations and affirmations.  Experiment.  What are your theories?  Because something is happening—and we as Practitioners of The Intentional Candle Ceremony have the real-life results to prove teen celebrity porn it.


  • Continue also to exact incredible real world manifestations personally as you develop a Practice of daily sending The Ocean Healing FlameThe Self-Healing Flame, The Chant Mega-Flame (this flame programmed to dissolve all resistances from your world of self and other as well as humanity’s).  MP3 audio recordings on how to program each of these flames are available free-of-charge in various previous Sacred Activism Rx Posts.


  • Always balance your Sacred Activism with your secular activism.  Vote, protest, donate, benefactor–there are lots of ways besides money—and whenever possible improve: honor your body by eating healthy high octane brain food—whatever that is for you (and be honest with yourself); hydrating with the purest water around and moving/stretching the body—fast or slow—circulate emotions and ideas, release that which you don’t need.  What do you call this? Exercise.  Yoga.

            Also, care out loud.  Have a vision and be demanding.



Note:  Always follow safe burn practices.  Program all flames on safe burning stations. Never leave a Flame unattended.





© 2012 by Gabrielle Alizay.  All rights reserved.


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