An Intentional Living Quotable



“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.”

Bhudda, Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta, the founder of Buddhism, 563-483 B.C.



When the Practices of Intentional Living Feng Shui and The Intentional Candle Ceremony are consistently implemented into your home, office, and life—it becomes undeniable the optimistic effect that these Sacred Tools have on your self-esteem, your life path, and to the people around you. The ripple effect is obvious. Every Intentional Living Feng Shui Accomplishment that you make in your home and office impacts the world in general with grace and healing.  Every  Intentional Candle Ceremony changes the reality of what is into something much greater.

Conscious Evolution becomes the norm. We authentically release. The planet heals.

I dig it.

Inner and outer Peace–Gabrielle


© 2011 by GA.  All rights reserved.

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Intentional Living Feng Shui is paramount in the home and office to inspire true authentic peace!!


This, of course, if you are seriously into personal peace.  And guess what happens when the person finds authentic peace?  That’s right.  The world follows.  Sounds a bit crazy but do some experiments.  Start with the first Intentional Living Feng Shui Accomplishment: The World Peace Intentional Cure.  If you have not already signed up on the site at, do so now and when you do, you will get a free 9 page PDF on how to do the invoking of chi and why.

Intentional Living Feng Shui has 9 Accomplishments of Intentional Feng Shui to do in your home and office.  Take these simple steps then watch and see how your world and the world around you changes.  We at believe in the 100th monkey theory.

My definition:

100th Monkey Theory:  A scientific observation, lasting over 30 years, which started in 1952 on the island of Koshima, Japan, with the monkey population.  The study began with one monkey learning a progressed behavior.  The trend eventually spread, first by word-of-mouth and then, parapsychologically, monkey populations everywhere knew—across the oceans and lands, regardless of communication issues.  It has been thus applied to the human social condition. When a critical mass number of people achieve knowledge, practice an evolved behavior, adopt a new way of thinking, this new consciousness may be communicated from mind to mind—spontaneously spread to the rest of humanity.  Although the exact number may vary, this phenomenon reflects that when only a limited number of people know of a new way, it may remain within the group but there is a tipping point at which if only one more person adopts this mindfulness, all of humankind adopts this Evolution.

Now that is an experiment that I want to be a part of!  And when you add the Intentional Candle Practice—with its Purification, Self-Healing, Goal, and karmic Release Flames—I am finding that the results are astounding and remarkable.  The belief in miracles becomes less and less unrealistic.

But do not take my word for it.  Educate yourself.  Research and learn how to do Intentional Living Feng Shui along with a dedicated Intentional Candle Ceremony Practice.   I have written The Sacred Role Of Intentional Living Feng Shui: 9 Accomplishments to Promote Personal and Planetary Peace as well as The Evolution Solution:  Intentional Candle Ceremony’s Pathway To Peace to provide simple, entertaining guidance.

Also, if you need a consultation to further guide you, I am available.  Look on the private consultation tab at to find out more.  Together, we can witness the creation of a new, safer, more supportive earth walk.

Personal and Planetary Peace is possible–Gabrielle

© 2011 by Gabrielle Alizay.  All rights reserved.

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The Intentional Candle Ceremony Activates the Lost Art of Empowerment!


The more you add affirmations into individual flames from non-toxic candles—affirmations of peace, vitality, and abundance—the more your inner wisdom, beauty, strength, and health start to flourish. They rise to the surface of your being like cream in water.

Having a daily Practice of The Intentional Candle Ceremony teaches you: Anything is possible.

This changes you.

And when you apply the 9 Intentional Living Feng Shui Accomplishments to your home and office, you learn this: ABSOLUTELY anything is possible.

This changes the world.

Personal and Planetary Peace is possible–Gabrielle

© 2011 by Gabrielle Alizay. All rights reserved.

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The Present of Intentional Living Feng Shui….


“The future depends on what we do in the present.”

—Mahatma Gandhi, Pacifist Leader of Change



The Intentional Living Feng Shui art of clutter-clearing is a discipline that requires one to be in the present. Does something raise or lower your energy right this very minute? If it lowers it—promise yourself to eliminate it from your life. Gifts on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels will come to you when space is made. Clutter-clearing is about making your future bright through the conscious clean-up of what is outdated in the existing moment.

copyright 2011 by Gabrielle Alizay.  All rights reserved.

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Will the Intentional Feng Shui advice keep coming? Because it has not…for months!!!!!


Have no Fear.

Prolific Gabrielle has returned.

Read this:  Keep your bathroom door shut.

See?  I am back.  Feng Shui Consultant in the house.

And yes, candles everywhere.  Programmed with affirmations.  To heal.  To release.  To create personal and planetary peace. The Intentional Candle Practice has changed my life.   With its teachings.  With the manifestation of miracle after miracle.  With its clear, strong pulse: it will not change one’s Life Path—it just brings authentic peace and healing to the one that you are on. 

And keep your bathroom doors closed.

See, I am back.

Burning brightly—Gabrielle

copyright 2011 by Gabrielle Alizay.  All rights reserved.

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